Wednesday, December 18, 2013

dreaming of other places

ÁPH80 series by architectural firm ÁBATON.

the ÁPH80 series of prefabricated homes can be transported by road & placed almost anywhere.  ideal for use as forest cabins & small private retreats, these minimal dwellings retain the proportions of a larger house, as they are designed to provide a sense of spaciousness & comfort since the architects have managed to include a living room/kitchen area, a fully equipped bathroom & a double bedroom in the 27 sq. meters of indoor space.
the house is actually lighter than it looks, since solid timber has been used for the structure & interior surfaces, while the outside has been covered with gray cement wood boards that also function as window shutters. when closed, the grey panels can seal the house completely, making it appear like one solid sculptural volume.
ÁBATON was founded by camino alonso, carlos alonso & ignacio lechón in 1998 & was awarded the torre sostenible prize in 2009 in recognition of its commitment to sustainability & protecting the environment.
if only i could run away......

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