Tuesday, December 10, 2013

corte san pietro hotel

corte san pietro hotel by architect daniela amoroso. sassi, via caslnuovo, matera, italy.

in the heart of the sassi district, an abandoned structure from the 17th century has been restored & reinvented as the corte san pietro hotel.  the architect uncovered the original tufa stonework after removing layers of pavement.

the rooms overlook an internal courtyard characterized by original stone pavement called  "chiancarelle". the rooms are rigorously monochromatic in shades of chestnut brown, from the beige of the stone to the brown of the wood & the weathering steel. the interior design is based on restored vintage furniture & natural & timeworn objects such as tree logs & old benches are throughout.

under the hotel, are 8 bell shaped cisterns, evidence of the former system for the collection of rainwater & are excellent examples of sustainability. rainwaters were forwarded through gutters & drainpipes  down to the cisterns which can be reached via narrow inner passages.

please to take me there!

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