Monday, June 10, 2013

cathy hornyn's fall from grace

cathyrn hoyrn wrote a scathing piece for the new york times that i refuse to link to. it is an oddly mean spirited point of view. i love the response at muthafuckingsuperior.tumbler.:  it's an excellent read....go here. 

excerpt from muthafuckingsuperior:
galliano has always been rather odd, i knew him in his early days, but even then he was using heroin. i know because his then boyfriend told me that they used it together and used to fight about it. john was so strange then, deeply pretentious, highly anxious, absurdly talented, hugely grandiose - being with him was akin to holding a panicked bird in one's hands.


  1. Kim Bowen ( muthafuckingsuperior ) is genius.
    Always has been, always will be.
    Good for her, so well said.