Tuesday, May 28, 2013

suzy menkes wardrobe

ossie clark dress printed with a celia birtwell floral design, with a matching quilted jacket

bill gibb suede leather coat 

christian dior sunglasses

paul smith multi-coloured trench coat

hermès silk scarf

emilio pucci sleeveless summer dress

chanel personalised clutch bag

christian lacroix printed silk ensemble with matching handbag

from july 11 through july 22 christies.com is hosting a sale that features over 80 items from fashion journalist suzy menkes collection. "i have never thrown anything out of my wardrobe since 1964," menkes said adding, "there is something sad about clothes laid in a tomb of trunks. they need to live again, and this auction provides the opportunity for them to walk out in the sunshine, to dance the night away and to give someone else the joy that they gave to me."

menkes was named international fashion editor of the international new york times last week.

dying for that ossie clark ensemble!  

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