Monday, March 4, 2013

saint laurent - fall/winter 2013

okay, we all know how much i love hedi ... but, i don't love this. 
granted, there are pieces i think are great - that is, if i found them in a vintage shop for $20. it just doesn't feel very "ysl". it doesn't look as if he used grunge as a reference but that it's just a replica of pieces from the 90s that someone picked up in a vintage store & duplicated. it also feels very young & top-shopish.  it definitely doesn't feel like the brand "ysl".

**update: most of the twitter/internet world has panned the show with one tweet saying Y, SL, WHY?
and one editor at the show was overheard saying "the real show is tomorrow at 10:30"


  1. let's agree to desagree my dear. who is gonna wear the celine coats? just capitalist and silly fashion victims don't you think? hedi creates images of real girls in the real world with gorgeous youth clothes!

  2. update: most of the tweeter/internet world are unable to analyse without a immediate reference. and i mean the "petit bourgeois" taste. tomorrow is another day i would say. so let's hope to live and see. fashion will never die.
    i am waiting - not in shock ;-) - to the campaigns.