Wednesday, March 27, 2013


dragspelhuset by 24H-architecture. årjäng, sweden.

this house is an extension to an original cabin dating from the late 1800s, located on the shore of the lake övre gla in the nature reserve glaskogen in sweden. because of building regulations building is not allowed along the lake shore but exceptions are made if it is an extension to an existing building. 

the extension built by 24H to the cabin allows it to evolve - the building can literally adjust itself to its environment depending on weather conditions, seasons or the number of occupants. the extension unfurls itself like a butterfly. during the winter it's a cocoon, compact with a double skin against the cold. during the summer it acts like a butterfly, unfolding its wings for extra shelter during rainy days. the windows of the cabin's head can open wide & on the cantilever of the moving part one can sit above the strew. during the winter, the head back of the cabin is pulled in & once again the no bigger than the size restrictions allowed.

looks like it's right out of a fairy tale!

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