Saturday, February 9, 2013

sleepbox hotel tverskaya

sleepbox hotel tverskaya by arch group. moscow, russia.

russian studio arch group has filled an old building in moscow with its portable sleeping capsules to create the first sleepbox hotel. the modular hotel rooms were first developed for travellers taking naps in busy urban environments.

conceived as a midpoint between a hotel & a hostel, the 4-story building contains units for up to two people on it's 1st & 2nd floors, while the op floor is filled with single person capsules. each sleepbox is mobile & can be place anywhere, provided it can be connected to a power source. as well as beds, the rooms are equipped with LED reading lamps, plus sockets for charging laptops & mobile phones.

a lobby & reception occupy the ground floor & includes an information zone where guests can use iPads to access the internet, plus a storage area filled with lockers. showers & toilet cabins are located on each floor & have bright green circular lights on the outside to indicate when they are occupied. the building also contains a handful of regular hotel rooms, which were added to the top floor in spaces where the ceiling heights were too low for a sleepbox.

sleepbox hotel is located in downtown moscow in the immediate vicinity of the kremlin. the hotel is only 3 minutes away from belorusskiy railway station, where aeroexpress trains arrive from sheremetyevo airport. the sleepbox hotel is 3 times cheaper than nearby hotels. (from what i can tell on their website, it looks like the day rate for a double is around $87.)

pretty nifty idea if you are just staying for a night or a student traveller.  

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