Thursday, February 7, 2013

edgeland residence

edgeland residence by bercy chen studio. on the shores of the colorado river.

the residence is located on a rehabilitated brownfield site & is a modern re-interpretation of one of the oldest housing typologies in north america, the native american pit house. the pit house, typically sunken, takes advantage of the earth's mass to maintain thermal comfort throughout the year.

the mechanical system combines hydronic heating & cooling, geothermal heat exchange, phase-change thermal heat storage & a green roof for maximum energy efficiency. the project also features a smart pool that provides an additional thermal mass that ties into the geothermal system.

edgeland residence is about healing the land & ameliorating the scars of the site's industrial past. the project raises awareness about a diminishing natural landscape & its finite resources by creating a balance between the surrounding industrial zone & the natural river residing on the opposite side of the site.
the site. 

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