Tuesday, December 25, 2012

the story-tellers, part 39

rita aarons, wife of photographer slim aarons, on a lilo in a swimming pool decorated for christmas, hollywood, 1954. (the hollywood sign can be seen in the distance). photographed by slim aarons

the night before christmas, 1924. photograph by paul outerbridge jr.

hollywood & ivar, hollywood, california, ca. 1950s

gloria swanson hanging a wreath, ca. 1920s

christmas boy, ca. 1965. photograph by richard avedon.

my mom, ca. 1970s.

kitty christmas

christmas, ca. 1950s by saul leiter.

dancers, christmas eve, at theresa's, ca. 1975 by marc pokempner.

a christmas scene, 1904 by gertrude käsebier.

happy christmas!

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