Monday, December 24, 2012

marvin e. newman

halloween, southside, 1951

coney island I, 1953

untitled (children playing with flour filled socks), 1953

paris, 1960

broadway VI, 1954

untitled (girl and boy in window), 1951

wall street II, 1956

coney island VII, 1953

untitled (alaska), 1954

san gennaro festival II, 1952

untitled (peeking out dark window), 1951

untitled (popsicles, chicago), 1952

broadway I, 1954

untitled (woman leaning out train window), 1949

wall street V, 1956

untitled, 1955

untitled (tree shadow), 1951


  1. This one of his is also great --

    The colors are incredible. A nice companion piece to the "Broadway I" shot you've selected, maybe?

    Awesome blog! I look at it every day.

  2. thank you....glad you enjoy it! there are so many great newman images - it was hard to edit this one.