Saturday, February 18, 2012

h&m + marni party

the house was transformed into a marrakech fantasy.

the jewelry

the lovely kendall - so chic!

the most amazing bryan ferry.

pansy & matt on the way out.

the gift.

a big thank you to the lovely pansy from h&m for inviting me to an amazing party.  it all took place in the famous lloyd wright house on franklin (once owned by the doctor suspected of killing the black dahlia).  candles lit the pathways & were everywhere inside the house adding to the moroccan vibe. 

i did some serious head spinning once inside....consuelo castiglioni, sophia coppola & her husband thomas mars, drew barrymore, rashida jones, milla jovovich (who told me i looked gorgeous!), tons of super models & i almost fainted at the sight of lou doillon who was more gorgeous & cool in real life than should be possible. the random sighting for the night was mel gibson. 

the surprise of the night was the performance by bryan ferry!  i had no idea he was playing the party.  so suave & sexy!  i (of course) stalked him around the party & when he left he passed by me & turned an inch from my face & smiled at me!  i almost fainted.  (thank godness there were witnesses!)

i got to meet the owner of the house & immediately grilled him on the "secret room" but never did find out where it was. one day. the house is as amazing inside as you would expect it to be. as we left the party we were given marni for h&m scarves as our parting gift.

it was at the top of my lists of best parties.  a nice mix of l.a., sweden, italy, france & too many others to remember!  i'm off to bed with dreams of bryan ferry in my head!


  1. how lucky, im staring at my bryan ferry album with kate moss on the cover framed on my wall as i read this!

  2. yeah, i almost crapped my pants! he was just so absolutely AMAZING. he looks fantastic & sounds exactly the same. i was bouncing up & down feet from him the whole time he played. swoon & swoon.