Thursday, January 5, 2012


the mirrorcube designed by martin videgård & bolle tham.
the interior is made from plywood with a birch surface with 6 windows that provide a panoramic view.
to prevent birds from flying into the mirrored walls they have been clad with infrared film. the color is invisible to humans but visible to birds.

the bird's nest designed by inredningsgruppen.
guests access the room via an electric ladder beneath.

the blue cone.
the room is a tradional wooden structure that is accessed via a bridge from the nearby mountain.

the cabin designed by mårten & gustav cyrén.
features a terrace that overlooks the lule river valley.

the ufo designed by inredningsgruppen.
this room is the largest, built for four people. 

the tree sauna.
the sauna accomodates up to 8 people. there is also access to a hot tub & custom designed relaxation area.

the treehotel is located in harads, sweden near the lule river. (the village has only 600 inhabitants!) owners britta & kent lindvall expect to build a total of 24 tree-rooms this year.  the treerooms are built with minimal impact to the environment & were inspired by the film "the tree lover" by jonas selberg augusten. (a tale of 3 men from the city who want to go back to their roots by building a house together)
le sigh.....who wants to go?? 

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