Tuesday, December 31, 2013


betty lindley photographed by alexander bassoon, 1914

goldfish and palette paris, quai saint-michel by henri matisse, fall 1914

charlie chaplin & roscoe arbuckle in “the masquerader”,  keystone pictures, 1914

"men wanted for hazardous journey. small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. honour and recognition in case of success."
according to legend, this is an ad placed in a london newspaper by antarctic explorer sir ernest shackleton, august 1914.

the funeral of archduke franz ferdinand & his wife, killed during attack on sarajevo, july 2, 1914
(his assassination triggered the start of world war I)

la marchesa luisa casati with peacock feathers by giovanni boldini, 1914

grand prix de l’automobile club de france prix (a fiat in the foreground) photographed by maurice-louis branger, 1914

francisco "pancho" villa on the presidential seat & emiliano zapata photographed by agustin victor casasola, dec. 6, 1914

trousers dress from paris. photo by bain news service, feb. 14, 1914

vaslav nijinsky as the spectre in "le spectre de la rose," photographed by e.o. hoppe, 1914

rural mail delivery, 1914

fish & vegetable meals will save wheat, meat & fats for our soldiers & allies, propaganda poster, 1914

egon schiele photographed by anton josef trčka, vienna, 1914

grigori rasputin in hospital recovering from an attempt on his life, 1914

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