Thursday, October 24, 2013

r.i.p. deborah turbeville

victoria guinness, 1983

the staircase,  commes des garçons, passage vivienne, paris, 1980

valentino collection, 1977

from the russian years, 1995-2005


from the bath house series, 1975

rosima in comme des garçons at vaux le vicomte, france, for parco, 1985


unseen versailles, 1980

russian series, 1987 

russian series, 1995-2005


the immensely & brilliantly talented photographer deborah turbeville died yesterday after an eight month battle with lung cancer.  she was 76.  just such an amazing & beautiful eye.  her agent marek milewicz said she was listening to rachmaninoff on her ipod when she passed away.

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