Wednesday, September 11, 2013

cate blanchett ala anita berber

film by michael cleary for anOther magazine
behind the scenes of the cover shoot with cate blanchett & willy vanderperre

anita berber

anita berber photographed by madame d'ora, ca. 1922

anita berber on stage

the dancer anita berber by otto dix, 1925

can i just say that i am so glad that cate blanchett exists on the same planet at the same time as me? there are no words to express how much i love her.

cate blanchett stepped into the role of anita berber for her cover shoot with willy vanderperre for anOther magazine.

anita berber was a scandalous performer in weimer berlin in the 1920s. she inspired leni riefenstahl & marlene dietrich, who was berber's understudy & rumoured lover.  she walked around berlin naked under fur coats with her pet monkey around her neck, flaunting her cocaine addiction & affairs with men & women.  in an era where everything was permitted, she managed to be notorious - condemned & censored.

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