Friday, July 12, 2013

rené burri

saigon, near than son nut. a prostitute at the entrance to a brothel frequented by GIs, 1973. 

ministry of  health, rio de janeiro, brazil, 1960.

le corbusier & the dominican monks setting off to check out the progress of couvent de la tourette, eveux-sur-arbresle, france, 1963

new york city, 1975

bicycle parking lot outside train station, tokyo, japan, 1980.

cheops pyramid, cairo, egypt, 1962.

hall de la gare, stazione termini, rome, italie, 1956.

couple, beijing, china, 1989.

town of baumholder, sarre state, 1959.

sao paulo, brazil, 1960.

café, west berlin, germany, 1964.

newlyweds on 42nd street, new york city, 1959.

bahia, brazil, 1966.

couple dining, iran, 1960.

child, patrocínio, brazil, 1977

cape canaveral, florida, 1981.

punk couple. she cut with knife her name onto his chest, tokyo, japan, 1980

car phone, california, 1979.

all photographs by rené burri.

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