Friday, July 12, 2013

lysa cooper

lysa cooper gave a genius interview at vogue italia on the art of styling.  it's so refreshing for someone to be so open & honest about the industry & especially styling.  great read!

here are some excerpts:

"a lot of people sitting in a room wearing fucked up shoes" are trying to tell lysa cooper about fashion. those were lysa's words as she described the rather odd predicament she finds herself in lately - trapped in meetings with ill-heeled executives, mere mortals, telling the legendary stylist how to perform her magic. cooper blames much of this on the internet, whose democratization of information has deluded laymen into thinking they're experts. "it's almost backwards," says cooper, as she delves a bit further. "shouldn't we make the beautiful product, and then decide how to sell it, rather than already know what you're selling and then try to make the product match. it never works like that and that's why music has sunk to the level that it has. and that's why everybody looks like a hooker," she says casually. it's this environment that has cooper baffled, and even worse, bored.

on what she doesn't like in fashion:
that's another thing that's really bothering me. i like a floral print. i like a denim jacket. i like some dirty hair. throw that all together, that's not fashion. everybody is so boring. i'm bored.

and finally on what inspires her now:
homeless people and kids. they're like the two groups that have flare and are daring. and i say that very sincerely. especially in california...there's a new trend in the homeless where you tie everything around your waist. it's amazing. and how they're all communicating it together, i don't know. but they're doing it.

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