Saturday, July 27, 2013

hats off, ladies

alice white, 1930

space hat by edward mann, photographed by john french, 1965

louise glaum in the leopard woman, 1920

jean seberg in yves saint laurent hat photographed by carlo bavagnoli, 1963

gloria swanson in father takes a wife, 1941

elsa schiaparelli

audrey hepburn in hat & dress designed by givenchy at her house in switzerland, photographed by howell conant, february 1962

anna may wong in nefertiti hat

tallulah bankhead in the london stage production of the dancers, 1923

baroness fiona thyssen-bornemisza in a white coolie hat with cigaline veiling by anello photographed by henry clarke, ca. 1966

anita page photographed by george hurrell, 1932

woman wearing a paper bag hat, coney island, new york, photographed by leon levinstein, 1950s

tilly losch photographed by florence vandamm, 1931

edna may photographed by alexander bassoon, 1907

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