Sunday, June 30, 2013

gilles caron

ibo guerilla, civil war in biafra, nigeria, july 1968.

vietnam, 1967.

student protest, rue saint-jacques, paris, 6 may 1968.

remnants left by retreating egyptian troops ahead of israeli forces during the six-day war, sinai peninsula, egypt, june 1967.

paris, may 1968.

brigitte bardot, orly, france, 1965.

northern ireland, august 1969.

demonstration at the first anniversary of the soviet repression of “spring in prague”, czechoslovakia, 21 August 1969.

serge gainsbourg and jane birkin on the pont des arts, paris, 1969.

transport of igbo famine victim, civil war, biafra, nigeria, july 1968.

northern ireland, august 1969.

le delta du mekong, sud-viêt-nam, décembre 1967.

twiggy, place du trocadéro, paris, march 1967.

le sénateur robert “bobby" kennedy en visite à paris, janvier 1967.

all photographs © gilles caron.

gilles caron 1939 - 1970

in his short life, photographer & photojournalist caron covered the six-day war in israel, the conflict in vietnam & biafra, nigeria, the student uprising in paris in may of 1968, the riots in northern ireland in 1969, anti-soviet demonstrations in prague & the toubou uprising in chad in 1970. he also photographed dignitaries, politicians, celebrities & fashion models.

on april 5th of 1970 he went missing on route 1 between vietnam & cambodia in a khmer rouge-controlled area. before leaving he told photographer robert pledge: "this will be my last trip to cambodia. i'll be staying in phnom penh, i won't take any risks." on september 22, 1978 a parisian court confirmed his death.

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