Friday, May 24, 2013

r.i.p. wayne miller

musicians, chicago, 1946-1948

pabst, chicago, 1946-1948

enchanted hills camp for the blind (and these are stars), 1950

pacific theater, WWII, uss saratoga, 1943-1945

girl holding toddler, naples, italy, 1944

walking through alley, chicago, 1946-1948

father & son at lake michigan, 1946-1948

franklin delano roosevelt's funeral, 1945

swimmers, lake michigan, 1947

pacific theater, WWII, uss saratoga, 1943-1945

legendary photographer wayne f. miller, who created a ground-breaking series of portraits chronicling the lives of black americans in chicago & produced indelible comat images of world war II, died wednesday at the age of 94. 

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