Wednesday, May 15, 2013

possessed 6

found fossilized turtle from pb&j
only my closest friends know my fondness for dead things. well, mostly dead bugs. and sometimes hummingbirds. and spiders. and the jackpot - an intact tiny turtle! 

original painting of the puss from j. 
she's beyond talented & of course i love kimba more than life so this was perfect.

my lovely friend n. has given me not one, but TWO pairs of isabel marant shoes. i mean, that's friendship for life.

m&b just gifted me these amazingly gorgeous beetle body earrings. 
dead bugs. nothing better. 

tweety bird gave me the most awesomely awesome bat encased in acrylic. 
you can see his tiny little nails.

can you tell how much love i've given to my herm├Ęs bracelet that m.t.d gave me eons ago.
i've actually never taken it off since he gave to me - only when it falls off do i replace the leather. i feel slightly lost for those 10 minutes. all the plating has worn off but that just makes it better. and me.

my dearest closest friend c who is the sister i never had always gives me the most amazing books.
she knows my love of words and paper and just the smell of a book. sigh.
i actually wear a cologne called "in the library" and another "old leather". 

friends who get you the most perfect gifts.
friends who get you are the best things in life.


  1. you know you are my friend for life. so far, it's been a wonderful journey with you and I won't say how many years!!

  2. you too candy, are my friend for you xx