Tuesday, May 14, 2013

maddie the coonhound

all photographs by theron humphrey.

this is such an awesome story....

theron humphrey is a professional photographer. his grandfather died & he had just gone through a break-up. he had a kickstarter funded project called this wild idea which involved traveling to all 50 states & photographing one person a day for 365 days. before he embarked on his adventure he decided he needed a travel buddy & so he adopted maddie, a coonhound he found on petfinder. along the way he figured out that maddie was the perfect model.  after posting pictures of maddie on things he started the project maddie of things: a super serious project about dogs and physics, a collection of 120 photos of maddie, well, standing on things.  you can buy the book over at amazon and trust me, check out his website, you will spend hours looking at maddie - she's adorbs. and, ADOPT A PET!!

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