Thursday, May 2, 2013

george zimbel

irish dancehall, the bronx, new york, 1954

hoods up, new york city, 1954

space babies, jones beach, new york, 1959

fiction department

cote d'azur, 1953

boy or man, 1962

chelo, bourban street, new orleans, louisiana, 1955

pigeon, downtown, new york city, 1955

woman at bar, bourban street, new orleans, 1955

the kiss, times square, 1950

blonde girl & black dog, queens, new york, 1964

the goose, bronx, new york, 1958

boys with hats, new york city, 1955

reader in the metro, paris, 1952

fun fun, montreal metro, 1987

all photographs by george zimbel.

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