Monday, April 22, 2013

the story-tellers, part 47

françoise hardy

night call, paris, photographed by helmut newton, 1974

patricia arquette in david lynch's lost highway, 1997

vogue paris photographed by guy bourdon, ca. 1970s

clint eastwood on pay phone, ca. 1960s

car phone, ca. 1950s

model on the phone with a cigarette in hand, pearly green polish by revlon, black and white shirts from saint laurent rive gauche, silver ring and earrings by donald stannard, photographed by kourken pakchanian,  ca. 1972

mark m. in phone booth photographed by nan goldin, 1980

ava gardner, ca. 1946

video phone, ericsson, 1969

see kids, nothing is new. we had car phones, video phones & green nail polish waaaaay back then!

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