Thursday, April 18, 2013

landscapes - ingmar bergman

sommarlek/summer interlude, 1951

sommaren med monika/summer with monika 1953

gycklarnas afton / sawdust and tinsel, 1953

det sjunde inseglet/the seventh seal, 1957 

smultronstället/wild strawberries, 1957

jungfrukällan/the virgin spring, 1960

såsom i en spegel/through a glass darkly, 1961

persona, 1966

vargtimmen/hour of the wolf, 1968

viskningar och rop/cries and whispers, 1972

scener ur ett äktenskap/scenes from a marriage, 1973

fanny och alexander/fanny and alexander, 1982

when i was in my 20s i had a weekend bergman film marathon (as one does at that age). it was the best & worst weekend of my life. that pretty much sums up bergman to me. 

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