Sunday, April 21, 2013

hiro (yasuhiro wakabayashi)

maria beadeux, new york, 1974

rosemary mcgrotha  for vogue,  april 1982

harry winston, new york, 1963

jerry hall, st. martin, west indies, february, 1975

the rollling stones, black & blue album cover, 1976
(one of the all time best covers in my opinion)

body landscape, new york, 1971

harper's bazaar, 1963

black evening dress in flight, 1963

beauty in strength, new york, 1965

donna mitchell wearing one of a series of floral necklaces with detachable jewel and enamel beetle brooches by donald claflin for harper's bazaar, october, 1968

tiffany & co.

harper's bazaar,  june, 1965

justine with a vidal sassoon haircut and don berg for tiffany earrings, harper's bazaar, august, 1972

martha graham, new york, 1984

apollo spaceflight training suits, houston, texas, june 27, 1978

tilly tizzani, blue scarf, antigua, 1963

van cleef & arpels necklace with fish, new york, 1963

zoom magazine, 1972

harper's bazaar, june 1965

three figures in silk, new york, 1967

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