Wednesday, April 24, 2013

frank paulin

bad dog, new orleans, 1952

cadillac on worth avenue, palm beach, florida, 1967

two nuns, park avenue, new york city, 1956

candide, new york, 1956

the strange one, times square, new york city, 1956

i love you, chicago, 1951

coca-cola, 1956

girl in the rain, 1981

make-up, central park, 1955

halloween, greenwich village, 1981

lunch counter, 1952

parking lot, 1955

lovers, times square, new york city, 1956

morning on the beach, atlantic city, 1955

nathan's sunset, 2006

baby carriage, atlantic city, 1955

man behind food counter, san gennaro festival, new york city, 1959

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