Monday, April 15, 2013

icon - sam shepard

arizona, 1979

with patti smith, ca. 1971

publicity still from resurrection, 1980

photographed by herb ritts, virginia, 1988


on the set of wim wender's don't come knocking, 2005

with jessica lange, photographed by bruce weber, 1994

with patti smith

photographed by bruce weber, 1994

in terrence malik's days of heaven, 1978

with bob dylan, rolling thunder revue, ca. 1975

photographed by bruce weber, 1994

with patti smith, cowboy mouth, 1971

in homo faber, 1991

with best friend johnny dark

with jessica lange at the opening of the new york film festival

sam shepard at the chelsea hotel photographed by david gahr, 1971

photographed by herb ritts, 1988

because he loves strong women, because he wrote paris, texas (and many other amazing & haunting things) because he was so beautiful in terrence malick's day's of heaven, because, because, because.... he's just so hot. le fucking sigh.

 i went through a frances farmer obsession as a teenager (yes, one of those girls).... when shepard, playing her first husband leif erickson (jeffrey york in the movie), tries to save frances in the film, well, my heart was forever lost to him.

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