Thursday, March 28, 2013

what ali wore

zoe spawton noticed a dapper man walking past her coffee shop everyday in the berlin borough of neukölln. she discovered that he is ali, an 83 year old turkish tailor who has been living in germany for the past 44 years....& oh yeah, 18 kids!

most of what ari wears is handmade by him & he rarely wears the same thing twice. after getting his permission, spawn, an australian born photographer started a blog called what ali wore.

at first ali  thought it was funny spawton told spiegel online but "now he is the one who gives me instructions and shows me where he would like to pose."

"uncle ali" as she calls him, has some restrictions - if he isn't feeling well or if he thinks she has already photographed him in an outfit or he isn't dressed neatly. they have become friends & she sads "once we went together on a trip to pick apples, which was very nice."

when she tried to explain to him (with the help of google translate) that he is now a celebrity online & might be recognized he seemed quite pleased.


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