Wednesday, March 20, 2013

out of this world!

solid gold replica of the 1969 apollo 11 lunar excursion module 

 donna distefano 
the love that moves the sun & the other stars ring 
22k gold, meteorite & diamond

genevieve yang cuff bracelet, 
18k gold, oxidized sterling silver & white diamond

1950's "neutron blaster" toy space gun, 1950s
collection of richard thomas

 claudio pino
sistema ring 

jason mcleod
time traveler constellation cuff 
14k yellow & 18k yellow gold, platinum & turquoise

steven kretchmer design
venus earrings 
polarium, 18K gold & diamond

van cleef & arpels
moon landing pendant, 1969 
yellow gold & ruby

sergey jivetin
star trek pyramid box (open) 
sterling silver

björn weckström
satellite collar, 1988
sterling silver & plastic,

by chuck dimotrovich
satellite earrings

pol bury
earrings & ring suite, 1975, 

sterling sliver, 18k gold, ruby & mexican fire opal 

van cleef & arpels 
tampa necklace
white & yellow gold, diamond, sapphire, garnet, spinel & beryl

space has always been in our consciousness & often expressed in jewelry. the ancients wore amulets depicting the moon; in georgian & victorian jewelry we see numerous depictions of the moon, stars, & halley's comet. the mid-20th century saw an explosion of "space age jewelry" which continues through today. 
forbes galleries presents out of this world! jewelry in the space age featuring jewelry that is inspired by space, has been to space, is made out of materials that came from space & materials created by NASA for space exploration. 

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