Sunday, March 24, 2013

nadav kander

kate (embrace)

spanish moss, louisiana, usa

elizabeth's shoes

qinghai province II (fallen bridge), 2007

hockney billboard and highway 147, durham, usa

pacific ocean I (santa monica pier), usa

highway 1, california

ali malmed (cowboy, sante fe)

nanjing II (metal palm), jiangsu province

apartment, pripyat

chongqing VII (washing bike), chongqing municipality, 2006

mengxi lying away, 2010

brothel, south korea

margarita sappini

ronnie III

crumpled barns, texas, usa

woman filming, petra, jordan

view from central square apartment to reactors 3 & 4, pripyat

house under highway, los angeles, usa

tourist II, death valley, usa

radiation exposed, pripyat

old fengdu II (looking at new fengdu) chongqing municipality, 2006

field III (trailer park), england

tracey emin (bra)

irma's torso

michael curled away, 2012

all photographs by nadav kander.
see more here.

insanely beautiful.

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