Sunday, March 3, 2013

gone but not forgotten - jean harlow

jean & mother jean
THE stage mama

signing autographs, 1935

having her hair fingerwaved june 25, 1933

strolling through the metro-goldwyn-mayer studio lot, april 1932

jean harlow with 2nd husband paul bern shortly after their marriage, june 6, 1932.
(bern would commit suicide in september of that year)

photographed by william mortensen, ca. 1927

with director victor fleming & co-star william powell having tea & toast on the set of the MGM musical melodrama reckless, 1935). photograph by virgil apger.

on the set of dinner at eight, 1933

photographed by george hurrell, 1934

attending the national air races, july, 1933

with ben lyon in hell's angels, 1930


photographed by edwin bower hesser, ca. 1929
(photographed at griffith park!)

with her 3rd husband, cinematographer harold rosson. she was pressured to wed by the studio to avoid any scandal after paul bern's death. they were married only 8 months before quietly ending the union 1933.

with marlene dietrich at trocadero, 1935.
i guess if you're going to hang out with dietrich you just give up and go make-up less? 

in iron man directed by tod browning, 1930

photographed by clarence sinclair bull at home in her swimming pool, 1932

with love william powell, ca. 1936
(one of my favorite pictures of the two of them. she looks so in love).

at age 14, 1923

her funeral from above, june 11, 1937

the original platinum blonde.  happy birthday jean harlow (3 march, 1911 - 7 june, 1937)
it's so crazy to think she died a few months after her 25th birthday.

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  1. A very nice site!
    This past year I wrote a book as a tribute to EB Hesser and his wife Eva. My family knew Eva and some of her family.
    You may see the book and several pages @
    I'm glad that I stopped by.
    Doug Foland
    Portland OR.