Friday, February 8, 2013

licked back to life

suffolk county cops in new york pulled a seemingly dead fawn out of icy waters in fire island & a family of deer came up to it & licked it back to health!

marine bureau officers noticed the little baby deer's head among pieces of ice & slush floating on the water about 30 yards from shore. they didn't know how long it had been there but picked it up & put in on the boat. a suffolk county police marine bureau officer met them on the dock as they tried to rescue the little animal. they quickly covered the deer in several thick blankets but, despite their best efforts, the little guy remained freezing wet & motionless. since it wasn't flailing or kicking they weren't sure if it was in shock of hypothermia.

then the miracle happened!  3 deer - an adult & 2 young babies that appeared to be members of the fawn's family - came out of the woods & began to lick the little guy. slowly, he started to come back to live, first blinking its big brown eyes, then getting up slowly & moving around the dock.

the officers took him to the station house & having limited food there, fed it warm popcorn. after a few minutes, the fawn started to get even more alert & ran off with the other deer.


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