Tuesday, February 26, 2013

icon - jack nicholson

photograph by willy rizzo

in chinatown, 1974

jack nicholson & angelica houston photographed by klaus lucka von zelberschwecht for interview magazine, 1974

photograph by annie leibovitz

jack nicholson at home with joint photographed by arthur schatz, 1969

with peter fonda in easy rider, 1969

with michelangelo antonioni on the set of the passenger, 1975

with cher at the hotel byblos in saint-tropez, 1970s
(is that michelle phillips on the left?)

with sean penn

with roman polanski on the set of chinatown, 1974

in the last detail, 1973

with michelle phillips at the premiere of the godfather in new york, march 14,  1972

with elizabeth taylor photographed by richard avedon

in the shining, 1980

one of the original bad boys of cinema.
how much fun does he look like he has?  

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  1. Damn, you are such a good photo editor and curator! I hadn't seen any of those and they're all amazing, great share!