Saturday, February 23, 2013

georges lepape

vogue, april, 1928.

vanity fair, december, 1919.

paul poiret, 1924.

vogue, november, 1931.

les choses de poiret, 1911.

vogue paris, august, 1926.

vogue, july, 1931.

vogue, september, 1926.

l'oiseau bleu, 1923.

vogue, february, 1929.

feuillets d'art, le miroir rouge, 1919.

vogue, october, 1924.

house & garden, november, 1934.

vogue, january, 1923.

vogue, september, 1927.

georges lepape was born on the rue montaigne may 26, 1887. by the age of 18 he had enrolled in the ecole des beaux-arts. in 1910 he began his collaborations with paul poiret & over the next 10 years, poiret would become paris's leading haute couture designer & lepape would be recognized as one of the world's most brilliant fashion illustrators.
by 1920, lepape had worked with the houses of worth, lanvin, paquin, doucet , magazines harper's bazaar & vogue, commissions for fur, perfume & other luxury good producers, illustrations for ballets russes, costume & set designs for marcel l'herbier & a series of posters for galeries lafayette. in 1926 condé nast invited lepape to new york, further cementing a long relationship with vogue.
georges lepape remained a prolific & sought-after working artist right up to the time of his death at the age of 84, on february 15, 1971.

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