Saturday, February 2, 2013

consuelo kanaga

untitled (man on bench) new york, 1920s.

untitled (muckworker), 1950.

untitled (leaves floating in water).

untitled (farmer and mule) florida, 1950.

tenements, new york city, 1937.

nude torso, 1928.

morris kantor, 1938.

untitled (girl).

untitled (school girl) st. croix, 1963.

mark rothko with cigarette, ice house, new york, 1951.

abstraction, 1948.

march avery cavenaugh, ca. 1950.

untitled (man sitting on curb).


eluard luchel mcdaniel, 1931.

camelia in water, 1927.

annie mae merriweather, 1936.

untitled (mother with children), 1950.

all photographs by consuelo kanaga.

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