Monday, January 7, 2013

igor palmin

a shepherd's son, chechnya, 1977.

two, 1977.

enchanted wanderer, 1977.

vladivostok, 1985.

yalta, 1983.

a communal apartment, having breakfast in the kitchen, moscow, 1972.

a meeting, moscow, 1977.

a snowfall, outskirts of moscow, 1977.

vilnius, old town (lituania), 1976.

a stopover before the selenga river, the republic of buryat, 1980.

near lake baikal.

old tallinn, 1983.

football, yard, moscow, 1980.

"hot rolls" kiosk. the sign reads "rolls are not available", moscow.

moscow, 1979.

all photographs by igor palmin.

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