Monday, January 21, 2013


animæ magazine from photographer lena modigh, designer matt ryalls, artist lucie russell & writer kristina sigunsdotter is due to be published in early 2013.  the zine is for girls about boys....and girls & is an expoloration of female youth, sexuality, first love & loss.  the first issue takes form as a 3 way conversation about sex, obsession & sanity.

the zine is priced at £5 & is available to pre-order by emailing your name & address to:

looks like a promising venture from some talented people....can't wait to see the full issue.
here are all the links for those involved with animæ:

photographer lena modigh has been published internationally & has appeared in exhibitions worldwide.

designer matt ryalls, a central st. martin's graduate, ex-stylist turned art director began his career with dazed & confused & the face.

lucie russell is an RCA graduate & has exhibited in london & berlin & her art has been purchased by charles saatchi. 

kristina sigunsdotter is a writer/poet whose fist book 'sjo¨pojken' was published in 2011.

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