Thursday, January 31, 2013

25 magazine #2 - preview

susan storck photographed by alice rosati & styled by roberta venturini.

frida gustavsson photographed by camilla åkrans & styled by robert rydberg.

aline weber, greg, nicola, antonio & winston layne photographed by paola kudacki & styled by michel philouze.

michele lamy photographed by ward ivan rafik.

laetitia crahay photographed by paola kudacki & styled by anna schiffel.

"i want to start by saying that working on 25 every day has changed my life. of course taking on the role of editor and meeting the rotating cast of contributors to the journal were new for me, and i was ready for that challenge and will be forever. what i was not ready for was the reaction to the last issue's use of erotica. the unexpected backlash made me realize that our generation is more conservative than that our our parents. basically, celebrating a woman's body as having a sexuality instead of merely being sexual is viewed as wrong. the media operates on a paradox-it's no secret-where selling the notion of unobtainable beauty is allowed, while portraits of women just being women are simultaneously shunned. however, i still want to continue pushing the boundaries of what a female fashion magazine should be."

i so agree with this. i am constantly surprised by the views on sexuality from the younger generation - especially because they seem so much more sexualized than my generation. i tend to post a lot of nudity that includes older/non traditional beauty.  maybe it's because i am older now that i appreciate "realness" in fashion and in our sexuality as shown in fashion. it's quite interesting this phenomena - i'd like to see it explored more in depth. anyway, i love anja & i love her viewpoint & her magazine 25 rocks. can't wait to see the full issue.

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