Friday, December 7, 2012

nan goldin

smoky car, new hampshire, 1979

david h. looking down, zurich, 1998

greer in her tub, nyc, 1983

joana's back in the door, avignon, 2000

simon silhouetted in the window, suite 22, nyc, 2000

suzanne and phillipe on the train, long island, 1985

amanda in the sauna, hotel savoy, berlin, 1993

fatima candles, portugal, 1998

ectopic pregnancy scar, 1980

empty beds, boston, 1979

self-portrait in blue bathroom, london, 1980

clemens under water, sag harbor, nyc, 2000

heartbeat, 2000

hotel room, z├╝rich, 1995

simon and jessika making love, jessika coming, paris, 2001

bobby mastrubating, 1980

me on top of my lover, 1978

swan like embrace, 2010

nan and brian in bed, 1983

1 comment:

  1. Poignant, raw, sensual, real life as it is. Good eye plus big heart makes for stunning images