Tuesday, December 11, 2012

chelsea girls

as nico

as candy darling

as edie

as andy warhol

andrej pejic photographed by tony kim for du jour magazine. 

andy would have been fascinated by andrej. he liked pretty boys, and he liked boys who could impersonate girls. andy thought bouys made the best actresses because they could be more objective about femininity, and they didn't have to worry so much about being politically correct in one's femininity. andy would have taken one look at andrej and said "what a beauty? isn't he a real beauty. gee you should be on the cover of interview. we should make a movie. would you like to be in a move? i think you'd be so great." but as for andrej does andy, i think the boss would have looked at andrej and said, "oh, gee, i wish i looked that good."  glenn o'brien for du jour.


  1. the last one is impersonating Holly Woodlawn, not Andy.

  2. no, i think it's supposed to be andy.....the story ran with this title: nars' new andy warhold palettes inspired us to re-create three icons: edie, nico and candy darling.