Tuesday, December 4, 2012

antonio lopez

jerry hall, 1974

jerry hall, nyc, 1978

blue water series: pat cleveland, 1975

antonio lopez & jerry hall in their paris apartment photographed by norman parkison for british vogue, ca. 1975

illustration of carol labrie, 1971

tina chow in her fortuny collection, london, 1977 

jessica lange, 1970s

men in shower series: karl lagerfeld, nyc, 1976

illustration of maria snyder, 1983

yves saint laurent, marina schiano, jerry hall & pierre berge, 1977

candy bar wrapper series: rita tellone, ca. 1976

grace coddington & jerry hall, jamaica, 1975

illustration, billy & pat

antonio lopez & jane forth in his carnegie hall studio, 1968

jerry hall, ca. 1970s

red coat series: grace jones, paris, 1975

ribbon series, nyc, 1977

i can't tell you how much his imagery & illustrations inspired & influenced me growing up.  you literally could not open a fashion magazine without seeing his work.  (i guess the italian vogue story earlier today made me a little nostalgic!

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