Monday, December 31, 2012


actress julia james photographed by alexander bassano.

nude descending a staircase no. 2 by marcel duchamp

female mongolian prisoner, imprisoned for adultry (portable imprisonment) photographed by stephane passet.

district of columbia traffic. a very new-looking ca. 1913 haynes roadster in washington crossing pennsylvania avenue at 14th street n.w.

cover of the official program for the march 1913 woman suffrage march in washington d.c.

guitar, gas, jet and bottle by pablo picasso. 

telegraph messenger boy, waco, texas. photograph by lewis hine.

sunday strollers on new york's fifth avenue.

gordon van tine catalog.

mae murray on chair. photographed by moffett.

japanesque autochrome. photograph by alfonse van besten.

victoria copying machine.

liebespaar by egon schiele.

dancer clotilde von derp. photograph by rudolf dührkoop & minya diez-dührkoop.

thomas edison with an electric car.

die jungrau (the virgin) by gustav klimt.

paul poiret fashions.

anna pavlova photographed by madame d'ora.

dadaists tristan tzara, georges janco, marcel janco, jules janco (three brothers), poldi chapier, and ion vinea, bucharest.

another year has passed & once again, i want to thank everyone for stopping by to visit.  i reached one million views yesterday (a really huge deal for me!). thank you. thank you. thank you!

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