Saturday, November 17, 2012

the story-tellers, part 37

charlie chaplin dressed as napoleon, mid 1930s

maude adams as l'aiglon 
(the nickname of napoleon's son napoleon II of france - meaning eaglet), 1900

charles boyer in conquest, 1937

paul muni in seven faces, 1929

albert dieudonne in napoleon, ca. 1925

woman in napoleonic costume, 1920s

peter lorre dressed as napoleon in anticipation for the stage production napoleon the first
(the production never happened)

daughter of the actress gabrielle réjane, dressed as napoleon, paris, photographed by nadar, 1860s

zena dare in napoleonic costume, ca. 1908

the emperor napoleon in his study at the tuileries, by jacques-louis david, 1812

après moi, le déluge. 
first attributed to louis xv of france.
often attributed to napoleon.

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