Friday, November 2, 2012

r.i.p. - gae aulenti

the main hall of the musée d’orsay, which was converted from a train station

sgarsul rocking chair 1962

tour table

amused futuristic design, la ruspa

olivetti showroom, new york, fifth avenue, 1954

gae aulenti with pipistrello table lamp, 1966

world renowned italian architect gae aulenti has died at her home in milan at the age of 84. aulenti was one of the few italian women to rise to prominence in architecture & design in the postwar years. she transformed the parisian beaux arts gare d'orsay railway station (a landmark originally designed by victor laloux) into the musee d'orsay in the 1980s & refurbished the contemporary art gallery at the pompidou centre in paris. she has designed villas for the rich, showrooms for fiat, olivetti shops & showrooms, pens & watches for louis vuitton & furniture that includes a coffee table on wheels that is in the collection of the museum of modern art in new york.  she was named chevalier of the légion d'honneur by the french government for her work.

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