Thursday, October 18, 2012

diego uchitel - polaroids

isabella blow

diane von furstenberg

sophia coppola

the back, new york city

model at teatro colon, buenos aires, argentina

iselin steiro, new york city

i had the lovely good fortune to work with diego uchitel when he was just starting out here in los angeles. he was full of joy & completely talented from the beginning.  it's so wonderful to see this collection & the success he has achieved.

uchitel has collected 25 years' worth of polaroids in a new book, diego uchitel: polaroids. "it's just a polaroid, you don't care so much," says the argentine photographer. "you capture a moment and it's more spontaneous, more like a snap." the project, he explains, happened organically. "today, layouts are done on computers. but back then i'd put one polaroid on the wall next to another one. four or five shoots later, they'd start spreading." and so it grew. 

i miss those days!  we would all huddle around the photographer's assistant while he kept the polaroids under his armpit waiting for it to develop. the film never came close to the feeling of those polaroids but gave us a glimpse of what we had to look forward to.  i had at least 4 or 5 cameras - different sizes, a japanese one, a semi-professional one & even a 1970s land camera.  everybody looked good in a polaroid & if you didn't you just scribbled on it quickly with your finger to create your own masterpiece! 

bravo diego. a really beautiful collection.

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