Wednesday, September 12, 2012

child brides

faiz mohammed, 40, and ghulam haider, 11, sit in her home prior to their wedding in the rural damarda village, afghnanistan on september 11, 2005.

after celebrating with female relatives at a wedding party, yemeni brides sidaba and galiyaah are veiled and escorted to a new life with their husbands. sanaa, yemen, july 8, 2010.

maya, 8, and kishore, 13, pose for a wedding photo inside their new home the day after the hindu holy day of akshaya tritiya, or akha teej, in rajasthan, india, april 29, 2009.

tahani, 8, is seen with her husband majed, 27, and her former classmate ghada, 8, and her husband outside their home in hajjah, yemen, july 26, 2010.

all photographs by stephanie sinclair.
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sarita, 15-years-old, is seen covered in tears and sweat before she is sent to her new home with her new groom. the previous day, she and her eight-year-old sister maya were married to another set of siblings on the Hindu holy day of akshaya tritiya.

rajni, 5, is seen just after waking up before her wedding ceremony in rajasthan, india, april 28, 2009.

a young burn patient named zahara (no last name) sits with gauze over her face to keep the flies off. zahara never admitted to setting herself on fire, but doctors and nurses suspect she might have due to the placement of her wounds.

radha (15) observes herself in a mirror, on the day before her wedding. she was married together with her sisters gora (13) and rajni (5) to three brothers, on the same day.

all photographs by stephanie sinclair.
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