Sunday, August 26, 2012

landscapes - louis malle

ascenseur pour l'échafaud (elevator to the gallows),  1958

les amants (the lovers), 1958

vie privée (a very private affair), 1962

le feu follet (the fire within), 1963

le souffle au coeur (murmur of the heart), 1971

pretty baby, 1978

atlantic city, 1980

au revoir les enfants, 1987

damage, 1992

some of my favorite films come from louis malle.  if you have never seen damage - it is the sexiest film (also an AMAZING book).  au revoir les enfants will slay you it's so beyond beautiful.  
i always think of louis malle as an emotional director, but, in doing research for this post i am blown away at how intimate his scenes are. his landscapes are truly the human face & human emotions. 

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