Wednesday, August 22, 2012

damaged negatives

all photographs by glen luchford

one of my all time favorite photographers, glen luchford has a new book called damaged negatives.  the book is somewhat an "act of god". luchford explains to anOther, "i put the images in storage for two weeks which turned into two months. the entire storage unit flooded and the owner didn't tell anyone, so by the time i arrived, the images were just mostly gone or in a state of high deterioration. there were flies and mould everywhere. on a sub-conscious level, you have to ask why i would ever have put them in such a ridiculous place," he continues, "considering one print just sold for £25,000, and i lost thousands and thousands of negatives."

"i simply can't take myself seriously as a photographer", says luchford. "never could. and this act of sabotage just painfully highlights that, each time i look at them."

damaged negatives is out in december, published by dashwood books.  you can read more at anOther.

swoon....i could not love him more. years ago i worked with a fashion editor from vogue paris who works with him quite frequently.  she was always slightly amused at my (somewhat) obsession with him.
if she only knew!   

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