Monday, July 23, 2012

YVA - else ernestine neuländer-simon

nude with arms raised, 1920s

2 women, 1930

les bottes d'une femme dangereuse, ca. 1930s

etude de mains, ca. 1920

beine, 1927

l’âge d’or du fétichisme, ca. 1930s

charleston, 1925

two women, ca. 1933

danse 1933

self-Portrait, ca. 1925 (the painting incorporated in this portrait is by heinz hajek-halke)

yva was one of the most successful & popular fashion & commercial photographers in germany. she opened her studio in 1925 in berlin. in 1926 she collaborated with artist heinz hajek-halke as well as painter christian schad in 1930.  

as a jewish woman she was prohibited from working after the nazis seized power in 1933. her studio was officially run by her "aryan" friend charlotte weidler. in 1936 helmut newton began his apprenticeship in her studio. by 1938 she had to finally give up the studio. 

she was arrested with her husband in 1942 & deported to the majdanek concentration camp where they were both killed (probably in 1942).

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